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Perioscopy - This Changes Everything!
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Perioscopy is an exciting STATE OF THE ART Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Traditional Gum Disease Treatments

Traditionally in our office we treated Periodontal Disease with surgery and bone grafts. However, in 2014 we introduced Perioscopy into our Periodontal Wellness Program and we completely shifted from surgical treatment to NON SURGICAL PERIOSCOPY TREATMENT. As a result we are able to save more teeth, the results are equal to that of surgery, our patients are happy, and we could not be more pleased. Perioscopy has become a definitive treatment for periodontal disease in our office.

We are one of a select few offices nationally that are specifically trained to provide this service. We pride ourselves on being experts in this field and offering the best minimally invasive care to our patients.

What Is Perioscopy?

Perioscopy (peri-os-co-p) is a technologically advanced treatment that is used for treating all stages of gum disease. Unlike other treatments for more advanced gum disease, perioscopy is non-surgical and minimally invasive. With this treatment, a perioscope (peri-o-scope), or dental endoscope (endo-scope) is used. It is a tiny fiber-optic camera less than 1 mm in diameter, equipped with lighting, magnification, and video capabilities. It is attached to a video monitor for image magnification up to 48 times normal. When the perioscope is placed in a gum pocket below the gumline, we can easily see all of the bacterial debris or irregularities on the root surface. During the procedure using specialized micro-ultra-sonic instruments, we actually remove the calculus (tartar) and rough root debris in real time while viewing the magnified tooth root images on the video monitor. This gives us the ability to provide you with a much more thorough gum disease treatment than ever before.

How Does Perioscopy Work?

Dental research for the past 40 years has consistently shown that after traditional scaling and root planing 50% of the root surface will still have calculus remaining. If calculus or root debris is present the pocket will not heal. Perioscopy changes this.

When the perioscope in under the gumline, we can see and remove the smallest of bacterial deposits located on the roots of your teeth. The periscope is slowly moved along the entire root surfaces and with the specialized micro ultrasonic instrumentation all of the hard debris embedded in the root surface is carefully removed. When the root is what we call “Perioscopy” clean it is amazing what the body's immune system will do. We typically find a significant reduction in deep pocket depths to a normal healthy measurement along with bone regeneration when possible.

The Benefits of Perioscopy

Saves "unsaveable" teeth

With Perioscopy being much more affordable, non-invasive, and virtually painless, we find that it is an option patients want to save teeth that they have been told are unsavable and need to be removed. In fact we have saved a lot of these types of teeth using Perioscopy.

We are in the business of saving teeth and we feel that although implants are great if we can keep your own tooth that is still the best option.

Full Mouth Non-Surgical Perioscopy Treatment

Before & After X-Rays

Before X-Ray
After X-Ray

Prevents dental implant failure – Implant Rescue

Just like teeth, implants can develop disease around them. We call it Peri-Implantitis. Peri-Implantitis can develop for a number of reasons. It can also advance rapidly and cause bone loss around an implant with little or no symptoms. Typical treatment for Peri-Implantitis is surgery with bone grafting around the implant. The success of this procedure is fairly low and many times the implant will be removed and a bone graft done to place another implant.

In our office, with Perioscopy, we perform IMPLANT RESCUE. We are able to save failing or infected implants. The magnification of the endoscope allows us to thoroughly clean the individual threads of the implant. Once the disease cells are removed the healing can occur. We have saved many implants that patients had been told were failing and needed to be removed

Implant Rescue with Perioscopy

Before & After X-Rays

Before X-Ray
Before X-Ray
After X-Ray
After X-Ray

Provides You With A Better Outcome

We have found that our Perioscopy outcomes are even better than traditional surgery. The magnification and fiber optic light is superior to the visualization of flap surgery even with magnification loops. Because the camera is so tiny we can even take it between the roots and see better than surgical access.

Perioscopy Treatment to Save a Hopeless Tooth

Before & After X-Rays

Before X-Ray
After X-Ray

No Surgery Required

As we are seeing in medicine laparoscopic procedures are performed whenever possible. Our Perioscope is the same instrument used in medicine. When we can provide treatment in a closed environment (no flap surgery) the healing and regenerative aspects of our immune system are more prevalent and happen faster than when an incision is made and the blood supply is interrupted. That is why the discomfort is less, the healing is faster, and the bone regeneration is better. It just makes sense.

Before & After X-Rays

Before X-Ray
After X-Ray

Less Expensive Treatment

We are able to provide Perioscopy treatment to our patients at a fraction of the cost of surgery. Perioscopy is only performed where it is needed in the mouth. Some patients need a full mouth treatment others just need a localized area or areas treated.

Reduced Anxiety

We find that even patients with high dental anxiety handle the Perioscopy procedure very well. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic in a very comfortable environment. Since there are no incisions there is virtually no post- operative swelling or discomfort, patients are much less anxious to have the procedure.

Seeing is Believing!

The key to our success is with the magnified visibility we get with Perioscopy Non-Surgically.

Diagnostic Benefits

In addition to magnified cleaning of the root we can also use the camera to see the root for diagnostic purposes. We can see cavities, root resorption, root fractures, and other abnormalities.

Perioscopy vs. Laser Treatment

Lasers were introduced into dentistry about 25 years ago with the hope that it would outperform the more invasive procedures. While lasers are shown to have an antimicrobial benefit the results have not proven to be any better after six months than scaling and root cleaning. The long term benefits and the results have not lived up to that being reported. The fact is even if a laser is used it is still working blind (the root is not visible) and without magnified visibility not all of the bacterial debris will be removed and pocket healing will be incomplete. An initial decrease in inflammation can occur but it will return therefore it is not long lasting as with Perioscopy.
Read more about Perioscopy vs. Laser Gum Treatment.

We treat a lot of patients successfully who had a return of periodontal disease after having laser therapy.

Why didn't my dentist or dental hygienist tell me about Perioscopy?

Hopefully your dentist or hygienist did refer you to our office for Perioscopy. We are working hard to reach out to our local referring offices and educate them on the services we provide and the results that we achieve. This technology is not really well known so we enjoy sharing our knowledge. When we have the opportunity to share our program and treatment the offices are very excited and look forward to referring their patients for our Wellness Program.

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A perioscopy is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that has revolutionized the way we treat gum disease - and we are experts at it.
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