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Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays from Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona
The greatest tool any dentist has is the use of radiology, that is because it allows us to spot trouble areas that would otherwise be hidden. The use of x-rays in dentistry has gone hand in hand for decades, but adding digital technology to this much-needed tool has increased its benefit in a huge way. Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS values the information that is gathered from this technological advancement, and the difference is clear. Our staff at Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona can provide you with necessary information, and education, through the images provided with digital x-rays.

Traditional versus Digital

If you have experienced traditional film x-rays, you know the very limited information they provided. The process would begin with a bulky device that you held in your mouth, this was followed by a heavy apron that was placed over you. The assistant would then caution you to hold still while taking an image that would eventually be ready after being processed in another room. Fifteen or twenty minutes later the dentist would present you with a tiny, grainy slide that truthfully, you cannot understand. The dentist would try to communicate with the patient about what they are seeing, but since the patient cannot see the image, they nodded in agreement without much understanding. We get it; it was not ideal, it was just the best we had.

Digital-rays are a huge step in information and technology. The device may still be bulky, but the time is decreased. The apron is still placed, but truthfully, it’s not needed, because digital x-rays produce up to 75% less radiation than the traditional x-rays that were already approved by the ADA as being safe. The images are available within seconds on a computer screen in the same room as your dental chair. These images are a high resolution that is seen on a significantly larger screen. They are clear, and you will know what you are looking at. We value these images; they allow us to not only show our patient's trouble spots but to evoke conversation and allow us to provide immense education. Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS believes that if you can see it, you will make changes to do better, and the studies agree, dental health among the public as a whole is improving, mostly due to education.

These digital images that we acquired will never be lost, we no longer keep them in a large file cabinet on a messy wall, but in a digital file under your name. We can pull up these images, and images that were taken previously in a matter of seconds, and what’s more, we can share these images with other dental professionals upon your request. They will never get lost, never ne misplaced, and if there is some communication error, we can just send them again immediately.

If you have wondered how the digital experience is different, and how it can help improve your oral health, contact our office at Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona. Our front office staff is happy to answer your questions and arrange an appointment. (480) 504-0506
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