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Is Flossing Too Difficult? Try a Water Flosser

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Ronald Watkins
Is Flossing Too Difficult? Try a Water FlosserThe bacterial film forming on your teeth, also known as dental plaque is the top cause of periodontal disease and tooth decay. You can perhaps feel this gritty film, but sometimes, you may not. If the bio-film dislodges between the teeth, it can remain there, causing dental disease in a similar way it does when it deposits on the open surfaces of the teeth. Removing plaque lodged in-between the teeth requires that you floss in those those areas.

When Flossing is Too Difficult

The problem with plaque buildup in between the teeth is that it can be difficult to remove even with a strict brushing habit. You need to make flossing part of your oral hygiene. At least do it once a day. But the traditional way of flossing isn't likable by some people because it is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, if traditional flossing makes you uncomfortable, you can try out oral irrigation. This is particularly so if you wear braces because it makes it difficult to reach in between the teeth to remove dental plaque.

Water Flosser

Oral irrigation involves removing plaque found between the teeth with a pressurized water spray or water flosser. You direct the spray between the teeth with a handheld wand that sometimes resembles a power toothbrush. A water flosser has a small hose that is attached to a small pump appliance.

Oral irrigators or water flossers are available in dental offices for use at home. They are ideal for individuals who have difficulties with manual dexterity or those who don't like flossing threads. Besides, water flossers make it easier for those with braces to clean in-between the teeth since it proves a monumental task if you use regular floss. To find out more about flossing methods, schedule an appointment with our periodontic team for a consultation. We strive to make your oral hygiene practices as comfortable and fun as possible.

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