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Four Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Ronald Watkins
Four Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Gum SurgeryA cosmetic surgery will come into the picture if a gum-related disease is disturbing the bone structure of your mouth. Overgrown gum tissues can significantly deter the aesthetics of your face especially in severe cases of periodontitis. During such events, many patients struggle with anxiety and may have a lot of questions in their minds with regard to cosmetic gum surgery.

What Can I Expect From a Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Some people may not like the natural alignment of their jawbone, especially if the gums are too high or low on the teeth. Patients suffering from periodontal gum disease can also develop facial contortions that can affect them psychologically. Cosmetic surgery can help you level those peculiar traits by reshaping your gums to improve their appearance.

Is Cosmetic Gum Surgery Necessary for My Situation?

Typically, we do gum surgeries as part of a cosmetic procedure. This treatment will not interfere with the function or health of your natural teeth. In most cases, however, we are doing cosmetic gum surgery to complement other gum-related procedures which may have hampered the natural look of your face. If you are unhappy with receded gums or a gummy smile caused by periodontal gum disease, you can rely on cosmetic surgery to help you rectify the appearance of your gums.

Can I Rely on Cosmetic Gum Surgery to Improve My Smile?

Out of all the expressions, your smile is one of your most valued possessions. Cosmetic gum surgery can reshape and resize your gums which would even out any irregularities or bone deformities, thereby increasing the appeal of your smile.

How Long Does a Gum Surgery Take to Heal?

The recovery time is usually a couple of weeks for most patients. This period will extend, though, in case there was a grafting surgery involved. You can speed up the healing process by taking optimum oral care after the surgery with the help of antibiotics and supplements prescribed by our dentists. For more information about gum surgery, please contact us today.

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