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Foods That You Can Eat as Snacks To Help Clean Your Teeth

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Ronald Watkins
Foods That You Can Eat as Snacks To Help Clean Your TeethThere are certain foods that can help clean your mouth. Commonly referred to as detergent foods, these foods will help get rid of plaque on your teeth. For the best results, you should eat these foods after a meal. Detergent foods are very effective and can have impacts close to those of brushing. Generally, a healthy diet is important for your oral health: here are some foods you can eat as snacks to help clean your teeth.


Carrots are known for their role in helping teeth fight cavities. However, munching on the sticks of a raw, crunchy carrot can also clean your teeth. The act of chewing on the carrot massages your gums, wiping out any stuck food particles. In addition, a carrot contains vitamin A as well as plaque-attacking keratin, which is vital for strengthening the enamel.


Eating raw apples will help clean and cleanse your teeth. It will also help get rid of bad breath. Apples contain a fibrous content that cleans teeth by acting as a natural toothbrush. It does so by scrubbing away plaque from teeth and getting rid of other food residues. Furthermore, the slight acidic content in apples helps kill off harmful bacteria that stimulate bad breath.

Celery Sticks

Celery gives your teeth an excellent workout. As you bite and chew on celery, it helps clean your teeth and massage your gums. The process of chewing celery also encourages the production of saliva, a natural cleaning agent for your teeth.


Eating popcorn with no flavor is also a great way of scrubbing your teeth' surface. Chewing popcorn is a reliable way of cleaning your teeth especially when you don't have a toothbrush nearby. Plain popcorn is firm and crispy enough to clean the teeth' surface. Visit our offices for more information on foods that can clean your teeth.
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