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Understanding Denture Stomatitis and What It Means

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Ronald Watkins
Understanding Denture Stomatitis and What It MeansDenture Stomatitis is a common inflammatory reaction related to wearing dentures. Other forms of denture stomatitis can be caused by allergic contact reactions or mechanical trauma. As a denture wearer, it is important that you understand what denture stomatitis means and the risks it poses.

Denture Stomatitis Diagnosis

The clinical diagnosis of denture stomatitis is based on the pattern of swelling and redness following the area shape of denture contact. During your visit, our dentists will take microbiological swabs from the denture surface, which will be checked for any presence of yeast. Some of the most common types of yeast found on dentures are tropicalis, glabrata, and albicans, among others. Upon examining the dentures, our dentists will determine whether you have denture stomatitis or not. In case you are diagnosed with the condition, immediate treatment will be offered.

As much as denture stomatitis is a condition anyone can get, denture wearers are most likely to be affected. Similarly, those who do not keep their mouth clean can also develop the condition. Furthermore, some antibiotics have been linked to increasing the risk of developing this condition. Those who had the condition but recovered can also risk re-infection if they use these antibiotics. Therefore, it is important to check with us before using any OTC antibiotics.

Preventing Denture Stomatitis

One of the best ways to prevent denture stomatitis is by maintaining high standards of oral hygiene. It is important that you keep your mouth as clean as possible. Do so by rinsing your dentures after every meal to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens. If possible, you should also quit smoking altogether. This is because smoking encourages the growth of more yeast infections, increasing the chances of denture stomatitis. It is important that you prevent denture stomatitis for the benefit of your oral health. Visit our offices for more information on denture stomatitis.
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