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Why Smile Makeover Is Needed for Senior Citizens?

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Ronald Watkins
Why Smile Makeover Is Needed for Senior Citizens?As you grow older, your dental health declines and your teeth become weak. Even if you used to brush and floss your teeth regularly, time is an unbeatable adversary. People struggle with various oral problems during their life, such as gum disease. All of this takes a toll on their smile and ruins it. As a senior citizen, get a smile makeover to make a difference. Here is why:

Treats Gum Disease

Old people have gums that are prone to infection. They fail to support teeth due to declining age. Opting for cosmetic dentistry directly is not possible. First you have to remove any risks of gingivitis or periodontitis to strengthen your teeth's health and can then proceed with the smile makeover.

Replaces Old Fillings

Fillings are made of durable material but after a long period, they will break down, especially the silver-based fillings. In its place, you can get tooth-colored and composite fillings.

Treats the Broken Teeth

Poor habits can damage your teeth in the long run. After you cross a certain age, there is no going back. Similarly, if you bite your food very aggressively with your molar or front tooth at an old age, it can cause a crack or chip in your teeth. This not only looks ungainly but can also cause considerable pain.

Bridge the Gaps

If you lack one or more teeth, hiding them is simply not possible. Your cheeks and jaw look sunken if you have a smile that is affected by holes. This way, you look older than your age. With a smile makeover, you can show your teeth with complete confidence.

If your teeth have weakened over time and you want to fix your smile, book an appointment now by calling at (480) 504-0506. A dependable periodontist like Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS can address your concerns quickly.
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