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Lasers Make Treating Gum Trouble Easier

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Ronald Watkins
Lasers Make Treating Gum Trouble EasierToday, lasers make it possible for periodontal patients with gum disease to see improvements in their gum health without undergoing invasive procedures. If you need periodontal treatment for advanced gum disease, usually a scaling and root planing (SRP) will be performed. However, you may want to consider how lasers can provide benefits too.

Treating the Gums with Laser Technology

Lasers are used in periodontal procedures to regenerate and preserve tissues and build the bone. They can also be used to kill infections in periodontal pockets. Once the infected tissue has been removed and the root is exposed, the tartar is removed with a tool called an ultrasonic root cleaner. This tool replaces the scraping tools used for an SRP. The energy from a laser is also used to warm a dental pocket's stem cell. This is done to seal the tissues against the roots. In addition, lasers stimulate the stem cells in gingival tissues so they can form new collagen and bone, and regenerate. After laser use, the process of healing regenerates the reduced bone and periodontal ligaments around a tooth.

What Are the Main Benefits of Lasers?

By using a laser to treat periodontal disease, bacteria are removed and killed, which reduces swelling and bleeding. In some instances, using laser technology eliminates the need for further treatments for gum disease, including surgery. Laser wavelengths and power can also be adjusted, depending on the severity of the disease. Because laser treatments cause little trauma to the gum tissue and teeth, healing time is drastically reduced. Patients recover much more quickly and the whole process, in turn, is much faster. Moreover, lasers also reduce the need for anesthesia, which means there is much less discomfort and pain. The treatments are precise, which provides stronger and more successful results.

If you would like to know more about laser treatments for periodontal disease, we can give you the answers. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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