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How Same-Day Dentures Work

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Ronald Watkins
How Same-Day Dentures WorkIf you want to get your dentures quickly, you might consider same-day dentures. This innovation in dentistry allows you to start wearing your dentures immediately, ensuring that you can smile, chew, or speak with confidence. If you lead a busy schedule and must frequently meet people or communicate face-to-face, same-day dentures will provide you with a way to take care of your smile needs. Find out more about how the process works below.

What are Same Day Dentures?

Also called immediate dentures, same-day dentures are inserted the same day you have your appointment with us. They can either be partial or full and are placed right after the removal of the natural teeth. Because they are added immediately after extraction, same-day dentures serve to lessen bleeding and protect gum tissues. Also, having the denture installed immediately allows you to get used to speaking with the new prostheses. You don't have to worry about any facial distortion, as can happen when teeth are removed, nor do you have to sacrifice eating certain foods. People also like the fact that they never have to be seen without their teeth in public.

How Long Does Fabrication of the Dentures Take?

While you can get your dentures in one day, it does take longer to fabricate or make them. Often the back teeth are removed six to eight weeks before fabrication occurs. This gives these extractions a chance to heal so that a better-fitting denture can be made. The fabrication protocol involves making impressions and collecting bite records. Therefore, you will need to schedule about four appointments during the process.

Now that you have seen how same-day dentures work, you probably will want to know more. Why not call our professional staff today and arrange for a consultation? If you want to improve your smile with less hassle, having same-day dentures placed is a viable solution.
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