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What Options Do You Have with Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Ronald Watkins
What Options Do You Have with Periodontal Plastic Surgery?Not all plastic surgery involves facial procedures. We can also use reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to improve the health and appearance of our periodontal patients. The following information will give you a better idea about your periodontal plastic surgery options.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures are Used to Improve the Appearance of the Gums?

For patients whose smile exposes more gum than teeth, we can lengthen the dental crown. During the procedure, we remove excess gingival tissue and expose more of a tooth's crown. The gumline is then sculpted so you have less of a “gummy” smile. We can also perform gingival grafting to cover exposed tooth roots. For example, if your gums have receded, it may cause more of your teeth's roots to show. Therefore, your teeth will look longer, which will make you look older than your actual years. Recession of this type can develop for various reasons, including periodontal disease. To keep you from looking “too long in the tooth,” we perform gum graft surgery or another root concealing process to conceal the exposed roots and to protect them from further recession and decay.

What Can You Do to Remove Indentations in the Jawbone or Along the Gumline?

When tooth loss occurs, it may cause an indentation to develop in the bone or gums at the site of the former tooth. This is because the bone that once held the tooth recedes and forms an indentation. When this happens, we perform a ridge augmentation to fill in the flaw and recapture the contour of your jaw and gums. Afterwards, a new artificial tooth can be placed that will give you a more natural looking smile.

If you feel that you could benefit from periodontal plastic surgery, give our team of periodontal specialists a call today. We will make it possible for you to regain a more natural looking smile or facial profile. Why not call us for a consultation now?

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