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Smoking and Its Effects on Periodontal Health

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of periodontal disease at Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona in Phoenix, AZMany smokers underestimate how severely their habit affects oral wellness, especially periodontal disease progression. From increasing inflammation to compromising healing, smoking substantively worsens outcomes. Fortunately, quitting, even later in life, can slow disease advancement.

Why Smokers Suffer Worse Periodontitis

Studies clearly correlate heavy smoking with increased gum disease prevalence and severity at all ages. The nicotine and hundreds of toxic chemicals in cigarettes modify the inflammatory reaction of the body while also enabling more extensive bacterial penetration. This combination not only sparks swelling rapidly around teeth but also impedes the healing process. Gum tissue and bone destruction, therefore, worsen over time. Even former smokers tend to experience more rapid disease sequences due to ongoing biological impacts.

Quitting Improves Health Despite Existing Damage

The good news is that quitting smoking at any age allows positive gains for gum health, though existing damage cannot be reversed. Gum loss already sustained remains, but disease progression into new areas slows significantly when you eliminate smoking from your lifestyle. Just five years after quitting, many patients exhibit gum infection rates matching nonsmokers. Their risk for problems like tooth loss associated with progressive attachment loss also decreases substantially within the first decade.

We Can Help You Kick the Smoking Habit

Our dental team sees firsthand the devastating gum consequences years of smoking produce. We also want to support your health goals, understanding quitting brings challenges. Tell us you want to stop smoking, and we will connect you with resources to make it more achievable.

Additional Protective Measures to Take

Even years after quitting smoking, you are still at risk for gum problems and bone loss. So, stay on top of your oral hygiene game. Get professional teeth cleanings every three months instead of six, and make sure to floss daily. To fight bacterial buildup, use antiseptic mouthwashes and adopt a daily flossing habit as well to clear debris from gum pockets.

With improved oral wellness as your motivation, along with some smoking cessation guidance, you can accomplish this challenging but so rewarding goal. We will provide encouragement each step of the way during cleanings, checkups, and treatment visits. Become smoke-free and change your gum disease outlook for the better.

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