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The Significance Of Nitrous Oxide In Dentistry

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Ronald Watkins
African American woman smiling with her new dental implants from Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona in Phoenix, AZThe thought of having foreign objects inserted in your mouth can cause shivers down your spine, right? How about preventing your child from fidgeting during a dental procedure? Nitrous oxide also known as the laughing gas is the secret weapon for alleviating anxiety during dental treatments.

Alleviate discomfort and anxiety

Laughing gas does not necessarily make you laugh as the name suggests. It is inhaled through a mask put over the patient's nose. The odorless gas mixed with oxygen provides a euphoric feeling to the patient and thus calming them. When the patient is relaxed, they become less anxious and thus providing a seamless medical intervention. Additionally, laughing gas reduces the patients' perception of pain. Nitrous oxide may instigate a feeling of tingling in the limbs which serves to distract the patient from what is going on in his or her surroundings.

Safe and effective sedation

Compared to other forms of anesthesia that could knock you out, nitrous oxide simply relaxes you. It slows down the nervous system to allow for uninterrupted treatment. Laughing gas wears off very fast as compared to other forms of sedatives. It does not put you to sleep. As a result, the doctor can engage you and give instructions where need be. With nitrous oxide, you can resume your usual activities as soon as the procedure is done. This of course depends on the procedure in question. Nitrous oxide is easy to administer and adjust. The adjustment aspect is especially very helpful for one reason. Depending on the patient's needs, the doctors can control the amount.

Laughing gas is the only known form of sedation that permits a patient to drive after the procedure. You no longer have to delay your dental treatment because you are afraid. We have lots of other sedation options besides laughing gas that our doctors can use to put you at ease. Our doctors would love to hear from you. Go ahead and give us a call today.

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