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An Overview Of Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Repair Surgery

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Ronald Watkins
Smiling family with children after visit to Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona in Phoenix, AZCleft lift and cleft palate are birth defects. They alter the appearance and functioning of both the lips and the mouth. A cleft lip presents as a gap on the upper lip and this could include the base of the nose and the bones in the upper jaw. On the other hand, a cleft palate shows up as a split in the mouth's roof. If the cleft is left untreated, it alters the growth of facial features.

Causes and diagnosis of cleft lip and cleft palate

The onset of cleft lip and palate begins during embryonic growth. It occurs as a result of the tissues in the roof of the mouth and the lip failing to meet up. In other cases, cleft lip and palate could be due to other medical conditions such as amniotic banding. Amniotic banding is a condition in which fetal parts get entrapped in the uterus. Medications that women take while pregnant have also been associated with causing cleft lip and cleft palate. Some of these medications include anticonvulsants and anti-seizure medications. Before a child is born, doctors conduct routine ultrasounds to assess the growth and development of the baby. Ultrasounds help the doctor to spot a cleft in the unborn child. Once the child is born, the cleft lip and cleft palate are visible and can also be confirmed through a physical examination.

Treatment process

Cleft lip and cleft palate repair require a series of surgical procedures. They range from soft tissue and lip repair in infants to jaw surgeries for adults. The first type of surgery targets infants who are between 3 to 6 months. This operation aims to close the lip. The second surgery is preferred for children about one year and above. The purpose is usually to generate a functional palate. This surgery is essential for aiding in the proper growth of the teeth and facial bones. Either of the surgeries require that your child stays in the hospital for a day or two. We pride ourselves in a whole team approach that offers the best comprehensive dental care.

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