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What to Expect from the First Visit to the Periodontist

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Ronald Watkins
What to Expect from the First Visit to the PeriodontistIt is common for the first visit to the periodontist to be scary for most people. This can be the case, especially for patients with severe dental issues. Periodontists perform dental procedures concerning the dental structures that support the teeth. Therefore, periodontists perform bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, dental reconstructions, and periodontal maintenance. If one has gum or jawbone issues, or tooth loss, they will have to visit the periodontist.

Medical History Review

The first thing that happens at a periodontal visit is the review of your medical history. Your periodontist will go through your medical and dental history. Therefore, you might have to carry a list or form detailing any existing medical conditions. This is so that treatment is tailored appropriately. Your periodontist will also want to know about any allergies you have. It is important to be completely transparent and honest to ensure that the best care is guaranteed to you. Your periodontist will also enquire about dietary and lifestyle habits.

Periodontal Examination

Your periodontist will do a dental examination, consisting of checking for dental deformities, gum recession, gum pockets, and misaligned teeth. This medical examination might also include an X-Ray. Your periodontist will also check for any inflammation and bleeding, usually signs of periodontal disease.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plans for periodontitis vary depending on the person and the severity of the periodontitis. Your periodontist might recommend anything from tooth scaling and root planing to surgery, bone graft, and antibiotics. Depending on the treatment plan, it could take one or several sessions. Installation of implants and gum grafts takes various sessions.

Follow-up Sessions

It is not unusual to go back for several sessions at the periodontist's office. In subsequent sessions, the treatment plan can be adjusted to cater to changing needs.
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