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The Role of Nutrition in maintaining healthy gums

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Ronald Watkins
The Role of Nutrition in maintaining healthy gumsThere are various ways you can maintain healthy gums. Some of these ways include brushing and flossing daily and also using mouthwash. A good diet is one of the least-known ways of maintaining healthy gums. This article will look at the link between nutrition and gum health.

Foods that can Harm your Teeth

Some foods that you consume may harm your teeth. Foods with high sugar and acid concentration may contribute to tooth decay. You need to ensure the foods you are eating have high levels of calcium and vitamin D. These minerals are quite useful for your body and will help ensure you have strong and healthy teeth. For children whose permanent teeth are just erupting, they need healthy foods for strong teeth.

Consuming a diet with many processed foods can also be detrimental to your dental health. These foods can contribute to inflammation causing gum disease and loss of teeth in old age.

Also, consuming sugary and acidic drinks may erode your enamel, causing teeth sensitivity. You should reduce the consumption of these foodstuffs. Finally, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking because these habits harm oral health.

Foods for Healthy gums

It would help to have a diet rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, aiding in good oral health. Foods such as leafy greens and dairy products rich in calcium help strengthen your teeth. Having calcium-rich foods also help in preventing teeth loss as one age.

Vitamin C helps keep your gums healthy and prevents gingivitis. Finally, incorporate foods high in antioxidants, such as berries, to help combat damage that free radicals cause to teeth and maintain healthy gums.

In conclusion, having a good diet can help you maintain healthy gums. Also, remember to maintain good dental habits such as brushing and flossing to help promote your gum health.

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