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Treatment Options for Loose Teeth Due to Gum Disease

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Ronald Watkins
Treatment Options for Loose Teeth Due to Gum DiseaseGum disease is the infection and inflammation of the gum tissues that surround your teeth. If the condition is left untreated, it will cause damage to the bone that supports the teeth leading to loose teeth. It is possible to save a loose tooth early by incorporating various treatment options. The first step in managing the problem of loose teeth is treating the underlying gum disease through root planing and scaling, and the use of antibiotics, among other treatment remedies. Here are the standard treatment options you should know about:


If your teeth are weak due to gum disease, we can recommend a treatment method known as splinting. The technique helps to attach the weak or loose teeth together with the surrounding teeth. You will have a single unit that is stronger and more stable. A dentist uses metal to attach the teeth to the neighboring teeth.

Mouth Guard

The main use of mouth guards is to protect against excessive pressure on the teeth caused by teeth clenching or grinding. A guard will also help to keep your teeth in the correct position and ensure proper alignment. Creating a protective barrier between the lower and upper teeth helps to avoid dislodging of the teeth.

Bone Grafts

Severe gum disease damages the bone that holds your teeth in the correct position. If jawbone resorption occurs, your teeth will be loosely held and might end up falling off. Grafting is the attachment of bone grafts extracted from a donor, synthetic sources, or healthy parts of your jawbone. Attachment of the grafts stimulates the bone to grow and increase in volume and density.

Bite Adjustments

If you have gum disease and grind your teeth unknowingly, bite adjustment is another good strategy to alleviate pressure on the teeth. A dentist will reshape your bite surface by polishing and removing part of the tooth enamel. The treatment method helps minimize stress on your teeth and ensure your teeth are not loose.
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