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The Connection between Gum Disease and Kidney Disease

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Ronald Watkins
The Connection between Gum Disease and Kidney DiseaseGum disease occurs due to the prolonged accumulation of plaque and tartar in your mouth and gums. It affects the gums and other structures, causing them to swell and become painful. An infection in your mouth can affect other parts of your body. It affects parts such as the kidney, heart, and even the growing fetus. In this article, we discuss the connection between gum disease and kidney disease.

Chronic Inflammation Can Cause Kidney Disease

Gum disease is characterized by inflammation of your gum tissues. This inflammation produces harmful toxins which can damage other parts of your body. People with unmanaged gum disease are susceptible to kidney disease. You need to treat any oral disease early enough for the best outcome.

Immune Response

Your body reacts to any signs of infection. It will produce chemicals to try to control an infection. Although this is usually an excellent response, in some instances, an immune response can cause damage to some parts of your body. A prolonged immune reaction will damage the cells of your kidney and lead to an acute disease, which, if not properly managed, will progress to chronic kidney disease.

Bacteria can Travel to the Kidneys

Gum disease occurs due to harmful bacteria invading the tissues of your mouth. The bacteria can travel through the blood and affect other body organs. Once bacteria travels to your kidneys, it will cause infection and swelling of the kidney tissues. Brushing your teeth properly will help arrest the disease and prevent it from spreading to other parts. You should also consider regular dental visits.

If you have gum disease, it is essential to seek treatment early enough. Managing the disease at an early stage helps to prevent kidney disease. Some common treatment remedies are scaling and root planing or surgical interventions. You can discuss with your oral health expert about the best treatment.
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