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Pros and Cons of Mini Implants

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Ronald Watkins
Pros and Cons of Mini ImplantsA prosthodontist utilizes mini dental implants in narrow openings inside the mouth. Mini implants are an alternative to regular dental implants and are typically used in situations where a prosthodontist needs to replace smaller teeth. Although they serve the same purpose as regular dental implants, the roots of mini dental implants do not go as teeth. They are approximately half the size of traditional dental implants.

Pros of Mini Dental Implants

Since the root of mini implants doesn't go so deep, it means that the procedure requires a less complex surgery. A prosthodontist just seeks to make a socket that is enough to place the small root. Mini dental implants can be performed within one single sitting because of the simplicity of the procedure. Since it is a much less invasive procedure, the healing time is quite faster. A patient can heal in about a week or two. Also, mini implants don't fall off as you see with dentures. They are permanently fitted. Patients who lose their teeth for longer and their bone recedes, may find mini implants a suitable choice to bring back the support and stability needed for the lower jaw to help support the dentures.

Cons of Mini Dental Implants

While they function the same way as regular dental implants, mini implants are not as durable and strong as traditional implants. People who grind teeth too often or put a lot of pressure on their teeth are likely to wear out their mini dental implants. Receiving these implants also requires you to wear your denture. Mini implants may need to be replaced sooner than regular implants.

Come to our dental office for an examination to determine if mini implants are an option for you. Our prosthodontist will evaluate your situation and depending on the diagnosis, he or she may recommend mini implants especially if you don't have sufficient bone for regular implants.
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