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What Is Periodontal Maintenance And When Do You Need It?

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Ronald Watkins
What Is Periodontal Maintenance And When Do You Need It? Gum disease can bring serious harm to your oral and general health. Since the launch of the Love The Gums You're With campaign in 2014 by the American Academy of Periodontology, many people have realized the significance of seeing a dentist routinely for checks and cleanings. Additionally, families have been able to push themselves further to meet their oral hygiene obligations at home. Leaving that aside, let's look at what periodontal maintenance is and why patients need it.

People who suffer periodontitis, the more serious version of gum disease, usually undergo scaling and root planing or even surgical treatment such as gum flap surgery that helps with pocket reduction. Once this initial treatment is provided, a patient is placed under a maintenance program.

Why Receive Periodontal Maintenance?

Once gum disease advances to become periodontitis, it is very difficult to contain. In fact, periodontitis isn't curable, therefore, dentists and patients have to work together to manage it. Gingivitis can be cured and reversed successfully, however, periodontitis cannot.

After the initial treatment, it takes another 3 months to get the bacteria to multiply and reach a point where they can cause harm to the gums and teeth. This happens even when you are observing your daily oral hygiene routine. As such, you have to get to a periodontist to re-inspect the gums and provide a thorough cleaning.

The reason for receiving periodontal maintenance every 3 to 4 months is to keep periodontitis at bay. These cleanings help eliminate the possibility of periodontal disease coming back.

What does Periodontal Maintenance Involve?

It involves scaling and root planing aimed at removing the tartar lodged deep between the gums and teeth. A hygienist or periodontist scrapes off tartar forming between the gums and teeth down to the entire tooth length, reaching the areas where the bone, gum, and root intersect or meet. If the gum pockets are suspected to have an infection or are inflamed, then a hygienist irrigates them with an antiseptic medication.

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